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An Ape, pronounced "ah-peh," is a trike built to squeeze through the narrow roads of Italy.

We put the cart before the horse, so to speak, when we founded Caffè Aronne. Except, in our case, the cart was a 1978 Piaggio Ape we got straight from Italy. We fell in love with this little vintage wonder while vacationing, and knew we had to bring her back to the States. Now dubbed Pisa, we’ve brought her full circle. In her first life, she transported food through the narrow streets of Italy. In her second life, she’s transporting coffee all across New York.

In Italy, coffee is like water.

Over the years, I’ve been a frequent traveller to Italy, trying to make the journey at least once a year. In Italy, coffee is like water; citizens drink it day and night and, believe me, the experience of indulging in northern Italian coffee will forever change your expectations in regards to java. On my various trips, I began to learn how to craft the perfect espresso - pure, luscious, and creamy. When I decided to open my own coffee business in the states, I wanted to do it right. 

At Caffè Aronne, we’re committed to quality coffee. We make sure our beans are organic, ethically-sourced, and usually come from independent, family-run farms throughout South America. We roast our beans in small batches, only buying 20 pounds per month to ensure the resulting coffee is fresh. We fly our beans in to expedite the roasting processing. Beans ship in two days and arrive in a week. From placing the order to serving our coffee, the turnaround takes only one month.

Let's bring people together.

Of course, it’s about more than just creating the perfect cup of coffee. I was drawn to the coffee business due to the way coffee brings people together. You meet up with an old friend over a cup of coffee or offer guests visiting your home coffee as a gesture of hospitality. My business even brings my family together, with my father at the helm of our trailer. 

We extend this sense of coffee and community to the greater New York City area, donating 5% of all our sales to various charities throughout the city. We can’t force other businesses to be ethical, but we can strive to lead by example. In that small way, we hope we’re making the world a slightly kinder place.  

So, consider yourself cordially invited to stop by Caffè Aronne and have a cup of joe. Pisa and I look forward to serving you.