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In need of an espresso bar for your event?

Brewing up a Storm: Impress Your Guests with Our Organic Espresso Bar at Your Event
Organizing an event can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to catering. One way to impress your guests is to hire an organic espresso bar. Not only will your guests enjoy high-quality coffee, but they'll also love the unique experience. Our team of expert baristas uses only the finest organic coffee beans to create delicious and flavorful drinks. Whether you're hosting a corporate event, wedding, or any size gathering, our espresso bar can cater to your needs. Let us help you give your guests a memorable experience that they'll be talking about for years to come!

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Espresso Bar Catering Service

Full Service
Our espresso bar offers a full-service experience that takes care of everything from setup, brewing coffee, and cleaning up after the event. Our team will handle all the details while you focus on enjoying your event. We will make sure that everything runs smoothly, and your guests get the best experience.

Hiring an espresso bar catering service is one of the most convenient options, especially if you don't have the time or resources to brew your coffee. Our team of baristas will handle everything from setup to cleanup, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your event.

High-Quality Drinks
At our espresso bar, we use the finest organic coffee beans, which ensures that every cup of coffee is of the highest quality. Our expert baristas will brew fresh coffee for your guests, making sure that everyone enjoys the perfect cup of coffee.

Customizable Menu
One of the best things about hiring an espresso bar is that you can customize the menu to suit your specific needs. Whether you want decaf, cappuccinos, lattes, or iced coffee, our team will work with you to create a customized menu that meets your needs.

Experienced Baristas
Our team of expert baristas has years of experience in the coffee industry, which means that they know how to brew the perfect cup of coffee. They'll be able to answer all your guests' questions and make sure that everyone gets the best experience.

Expert Equipment
At our espresso bar, we use only the best equipment, which ensures that every cup of coffee is brewed to perfection. Our machines are regularly serviced and maintained, ensuring that they're always in top condition.

Professional Setup
Our team of experts will handle the setup and layout of the espresso bar, ensuring that it's aesthetically pleasing and blends in with the overall theme of your event.

Faster Service
Our espresso bar can cater to any size gathering, and we can serve drinks quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your guests don't have to wait too long for their coffee.

More Space
Hiring an espresso bar means that you'll have more space to maneuver, especially if you're hosting an event in a small space. Our team can set up the espresso bar in a location that's easy to access, ensuring that your guests can move around seamlessly.

Easy Cleanup
After the event is over, our team will handle the cleanup and pack up the equipment, ensuring that you don't have to worry about tidying up.


In conclusion, hiring an organic espresso bar catering service is an excellent way to impress your guests at any event. From corporate events to weddings, our team of expert baristas can cater to any size gathering and provide your guests with high-quality coffee. The benefits of hiring a professional espresso bar catering service include a full-service experience, convenience, high-quality drinks, customizable menu, experienced baristas, expert equipment, professional setup, faster service, more space, and easy cleanup. Contact us today to book our organic espresso bar for your next event!


Catering your event fully through Caffe Aronne comes with a range of benefits. We handle all food preparation, service, and stay committed to using all organic high quality ingredients with our pastries and food, as we do with our coffee. Whether its wild sustainable salmon in our Sesame Smoked Salmon Croissants, the free range eggs in our salads, or even the organic avocados in each of our avocado toasts, when working with Caffe Aronne you can be certain that excellence is on the menu.

Vintage Piaggio Ape

Our flagship method of service is our fleet of Piaggio Apes. These eye catching vintage Vespa trikes, are always an eye catcher! It only adds to the senses when a Piaggio Ape is paired with our all organic, self roasted espresso beans. Perfect for outdoor and indoor events, our fleet of Piaggio Apes will set you event or brand apart like no other espresso bar can.

Mini Bar Cart

Perfect for smaller spaces and indoor events, our mini bar carts will bring the perfect espresso bar to your office, classroom, or apartment with ease. Perfect for your next family brunch, or at home celebration!

Custom Bottling

Perfect for on the go promotion or wedding exists, cold brew bottles, chai latte bottles, and matcha latte bottles are our most popular options! These bottles are made fresh to order and we work with you to design the labels to your liking for your event!