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Looking for coffee and espresso catering in NYC? Rent or schedule our mobile espresso bar for any catering or event.

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Born In Italy. Perfected in New York City.

To put it simply, we may have gotten a little ahead of ourselves when we established Caffè Aronne. Instead of starting with the basics, we fell in love with a 1978 Piaggio Ape during a vacation in Italy and knew we had to bring it back to the United States. Now affectionately known as Pisa, this vintage gem is coming full circle. In its former life, Pisa was utilized to transport food along the narrow streets of Italy. In its second life, Pisa delivers coffee throughout New York.

Throughout the years, I have frequently traveled to Italy, making the journey at least once annually. Coffee is a staple in Italy, consumed day and night. Trust me when I say that savoring a cup of northern Italian coffee will transform your expectations of java forever. With each visit, I began to grasp the art of crafting the perfect espresso - one that's pure, velvety, and rich. When I decided to open Caffè Aronne, it was essential to do everything right.

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Watch Your Guests Pour In The Love

We offer the best Brazilian, French, and Italian beans because we believe one single country cannot provide for all the different taste buds in New York City.

We import our beans from all over the world, roast them in Hudson Valley ourselves, pop them on one of our apes and ride as fast as we can to you.

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New York's first apé espresso bar.

An ape, pronounce "ah-peh", is a trike built to squeeze through the narrow roads of Italy. Built after the Second World War, the ape has been a popular and crucial vehicle on the roads all over Europe and one of them even immigrated to New York to serve you coffee!

What does this mean? We can serve you coffee in any nook and cranny of New York. Whether you're on on the 75th floor or down an alleyway in Brooklyn, we can make it to you.